Brazilian Hair Extensions

Make a statement with these breathtaking Brazilian hair extensions, guaranteed to give you the hottest hair in your squad. These Brazilian hair extensions are our current obsession, made with luxurious virgin human hair they’re a little slice of premium perfection.

Brazilian hair is the most versatile type of virgin hair, and because it’s so versatile it’s one of our bestsellers. It’s soft, smooth, and silky, and It’s hand processed from a single donor for absolutely stunning quality.

Our Brazilian hair is ethically sourced from rural areas of Brazil and is available in straight, wavy, and curly textures, which means it blends beautifully with all hair natural types. It’s great for making wigs or sewing into a weave.

Sahar’s premium Brazilian hair is naturally healthy and has a gorgeous luster. It holds a curl well and responds great to straightening. With regular care and maintenance, our Brazilian hair extensions will last up to a year making them a great investment.

1-4 of 4 products
1-4 of 4 products