Pink Velvet Remy Human Hair Extensions / Straight Dip Dye

Add a touch of pink velvet and stay on fleek with these Straight Dip Dye Hair Extensions, made with 100% human hair. They’re silky smooth, unbelievably healthy, with minimal shedding.

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Straight Pink Velvet Dip Dye / Ombre Hair Extensions made with 100% human hair.

Ethically sourced and hand processed promises flawless human hair with intact cuticles for longer lasting, tangle free perfection. The Hair is high density, and the weft is strength enforced so shedding is minimal.

Each bundle is 100g. They will look healthy for ages with protein-rich hair strands and a stunning shine.

The Facts:

  • Weft / Weave Attachment
  • 100% Human Hair
  • Pink Velvet Dip-dye
  • Straight
  • Silky Smooth
  • Unbelievably Healthy
  • Protein Rich Hair Strands
  • Strength Enforced Weft
  • Tangle Free
  • Minimal Shedding
  • Gorgeous Shine